We are so excited to announce:

Magic & Miracles in Bali, a Mystical Reunion


We begin: 7.7.2020

We complete: 7.19.2020


“Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language.”

~ Meister Eckhart

In our four years of leading people through Bali, we have brought together some of the most magical, powerful and mystical people on several different retreats. They are people for who their Bali retreat was a line of demarcation in their life; who they were before Bali and who they became as a result of their experience here on the Island of the Gods. This reunion retreat is the opportunity to bring all those magical people, sprinkled throughout different retreats, together on one INCREDIBLE, heart blown wide open, mystical, deeply impactful, no shit in the way retreat!

Where in your last retreat you were the healed, you now become the healer, gifting people with your own brand of magic. Where you were seeking answers, you’re now providing them, illuminating your own genius and giving it a microphone. Where you wanted clarity & vision, you are now living it, a gentle example to those who encounter you that their dreams are also possible! We will dive deep into all NEW teachings, secret topics (not for newbies or the nonbelievers), we will witness and participate in the healing & empowerment of the local Balinese and each other. No more witnessing life from the bench, this is all about being “on the court” in life, where the magic happens. In the most playful, pleasureful and passionate ways! This retreat will feel too good, too fun, too mystical to be real…BUT it sure will be!

“Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

$3,333 ✨ $500 down payment saves your spot! *Based on same-sex double room occupancy. You will be provided with a roommate from the retreat. Extra fee if you would like your own room or if we are unable to provide a roommate. Payment Plans are available! Please email Rachelle at holyhealingbali@gmail.com for more info!
Rachelle & Nicole – You know us already and if you’re coming back for reunion, then you LOVE US! 😉

certified by Alison Armstrong through the PAX Mastery Program.

Included in Your Retreat

– Six ALL NEW Teachings, Four Guided Meditations.

– Traditional Balinese & Luxury Accommodations w/ Same Sex Roommate

– Beach Extension on the incredible Gili island of Gili Trawangan! (Speed boat to the island included)

– All Transportation (Including airport pickup & drop off)

– 2 Healthy Meals Per Day(On Average)

– White water rafting

– Tirta Empul Sacred Water Temple Ceremony

– Our “Pay it Forward” visit to a Balinese Orphanage

– And Much More!

*not included is airfare, tipping, and extra activities


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