Everyday Heroes – Men’s Retreat

Dates & Location

September 16th to 19th, 2022

3 Nights/4 Days

This retreat is held either in Payson or Cottonwood


This is a powerful weekend away with the guys that will unleash success in all areas of life! Family, Money, Power, Love & Sex! Don’t take our word for it, scroll further down to read testimonials from Men who have attended before you! This retreat pulls men from all walks of life, all ages, all races!

The name Everyday Heros, is VERY intentional, because we understand that Heroes run in first while others stand around watching. They are not concerned about what others may think of them or how uncomfortable it may be, they just act on a cause bigger than themselves! We know a men’s retreat may not be an easy “yes” in society right now and that makes men who attend this retreat HEROES! Willing to go first, to run in and do the work to become the very best protectors and providers they wish to be for their family, friends, business, and the youth watching them!

After successfully serving women for the last 6 years, we are so excited to expand our offerings to you! Personal Development is YOURS too. We’re out to transform the societal conversation that retreats, healing, and personal development are only for women. In fact, its not only FOR men, its courageous, brave and pretty badass to assert and commit to your own expansion and success. Keep reading to learn what you can expect from your participation.

Assert your power and motivation by healing past hurt, disappointment, and upset so that you can build the life you want rather than just accepting the limits you may currently experience.

Discover the most common road blocks to producing the results you want at home and work and how to navigate them with powerfully with ease.

Learn how having a brain soaked in testosterone (men) VS. a brain soaked in estrogen (women) causes upset, frustration and miscommunication with all women in your life and how to solve problems rapidly.

Dissolve upset, anger and shame, creating an empowered mindset to achieve the level of success you’re out to produce.

Become masterful at partnership in order to honor yourself and your needs while also honoring the needs of those you love, care for, and work with.

Leave with practical, effective, and efficient tools to provide your wife and children (either now or in the future) the Husband and Father you are committed to being for them!


“The retreat, for me was impactful. Opened my eyes to information I didn’t know existed. I’m literally still reeling, in the most positive way!” – Marcus Clark | Age 51 | Community Leader & Youth Trainer

“The Heroes retreat exceeded my expectations. I learned techniques and tools that I was able to apply immediately to my family life. The things we learned about are very practical and relatable, Nicole and Rachelle do a great job catering to men and the whole thing is definitely worth the time and money spent.” – Nick | Age 35 |SVP of Strategy & Project Management – Mortgage Brokerage Company

“It’s hard to put into words the feeling you get from such an experience. Rachelle and Nicole gave me the tools that I needed to be the very best version of myself.” – Josh G. | Age 37 | Small Business Owner

“Powerful experience. Gave me additional tools to be the best provider to my family I can be and to fix deep rooted bullshit I hid from myself.” – Ben L. | Age 42 | Insurance Executive

“If you are a man, then you need this retreat! Rachelle and Nicole are simply amazing and so overqualified to teach this material. They’ve spent over a decade studying the science that goes into everything that we are as men. I’ve become a changed man!! What does that mean? I am now a better man, husband, friend, brother, and overall human “being”. If you want to get your life back together and feel stronger than you ever have, then you need to get your ass registered! You won’t regret the investment of a thousand bucks afterwards… it’ll be the best money you EVER spent on YOURSELF! Living a kick-ass life every day is how I now live thanks to Rachelle and Nicole!” – Brad Bauer | Age 44 | Head of Product Development for Major Tech Firm

“This retreat was such a transformative, unforgettable experience! I discovered how much past traumas influenced my present in ways I did not want, and after cleaning that up I discovered my power, who I really am, and how much I’m actually capable of. I literally feel like a new man! I recommend it to everyone.” – Brian Lacey | Age 32 | Professional Dancer & Software Engineer

“I held myself back a lot with the struggles I was dealt in life. With that I used drugs and sex to escape my emotions. I kept to myself at all times and even the people closest to me were impacted in negative ways for how I was handling those relationships. I didn’t take care of myself, slowly I fell into a spiral of suicidal thoughts to the point I would plan it out. I felt so burdened by my emotions and how I dealt with people I just let all of that take over. Now I feel so free and open. I feel weightless and letting a lot of that baggage go gave me more hope on bettering myself overall. I don’t want to die. I want to see 30. I want to be a father. I want to be alive again. Thank you so much to the coaches and everyone who participated.” – Jose Z | Age 24 | Podcaster & Future Father

“What an amazing life changing experience. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and guidance I received.” – Fabian R. | Age 33 | Husband & Father


$1,255 – $444 Deposit

Investments includes your cabin stay for 3 nights/4 days, all 8 meals, 5 fun & impactful workshops, and more!

$444 Deposit Locks YOUR spot Down & FREE payment plans available

All payments are not refundable. Transferable based on availability.

~ COVID19 Notice: Should we be unable to attend due to the pandemic, we will have 18 months to reschedule. If we are unable to proceed within those 18 months, you will receive a full refund.

Everyday Heroes

“Heroes take action, when others standby watching.” – Lock my spot down!


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