Our Mission

Holy Healing Bali was founded, simply put, to bring people to Bali! The magic of this enchanted island is like nothing else we ever experienced. After traveling to Bali several times, we declared ourselves as “Bali Ambassadors.” We know the island, we know the people, the best local guides, healers, and accommodations. We’ve “been there and done that” and have worked out all the kinks and learning curses. Now our primary focus is to work with leaders like yourself on co-creating and leading the most bad ass Bali retreat your heart can dream up! Bali is not a vacation…when you do Bali the way we do Bali, it’s a transformation!

Who We Are


Rachelle Acevedo has been traveling to Bali annually since 2012. She not only fell in love with this little island, but the island transformed her. In her words, “Bali showed me who I truly was, it transformed my relationship with myself, and inspired me to live fully before I die regretfully. Bali is straight magic like that!” She is a Certified Life, Liberation & Pleasure Coach. She has spent the last eight years and over 1,500 hours studying men, women, transformative personal development and healing. She has also studied under a Traditional Balinese Healer since first meeting him in 2012. She is passionate about assisting people in accessing their FULL potential and greatest fulfillment. She founded Holy Healing Bali along with Nicole Rideau in 2016 after retiring from her successful, yet unfulfilling, corporate career. Rachelle leads group workshops, organizes and facilitates domestic and international retreats, and provides one on one coaching for men and women in person and virtually. Rachelle spends her days playing monster trucks and t-ball with her four year old son, who she’s over the moon about. She contributes so much of her own development to what she has coined a “productively failed” marriage.  That “productively failed” marriage has also made it crystal clear in what she wants, deserves and desires in her next partnership. She is committed that any and all of her own personal struggles, suffering and life lessons are not experienced in vain, and that they serve others in her sharing, leading, and coaching.

To inquire about one on one coaching with Rachelle please email her directly at holyhealingbali@gmail.com.