August 2024
Holy Healing Bali

“Holy Healing Bali,

A Mystical & Healing Journey”



August 5th to 15th, 2024


Come journey with us through beautiful Bali!  Allow the relaxing yet enchanting environment of the ‘Island of the Gods” to restore your body, mind, and spirit. During our journey we will dive deep and discover & celebrate what’s most unique about ourselves and/or what has been in the way of our full self expression. Through personal development teachings, guided meditations, Balinese healing sessions and thrilling adventures all over the island, Bali will transform your reality!  Finally start receiving all the greatness the Universe has intended for you. Creating life newly & an irreversible future! Stop wanting and start receiving!

Holy Healing Bali’s Meditation leader is a well-known psychic – medium tapping into divine guidance for each meditation session. Our meditations focus on zeroing in on the unique healing needs of each group. While they may be scheduled, they are never scripted. This approach allows for more personalized experience is ranging from traveling back to past lives, journeying through the current state of our chakras, visualizing our progression into our new year or next futures, or inviting deceased loved ones and spirit guides in to deliver personal messages. The soothing sounds of her voice accompanied by intuitive visualization and the unmatched beauty of Bali have left groups sobbing with relief, liberated, happy and healed from long-standing hurts and grief and surprises for the future! Meditation is transformation, and transformation is Holy Healing Bali.

These retreats are well sought after and booking well in advance is a must, as both 2019 retreats sold out a year in advance.


“I can’t remember the last time I did something so real and so important FOR my life.”
– Danielle D.
“I had just gotten out of a 9 year relationship as well as becoming a single mother. I came into the retreat thinking I needed healing from that, but boy was I wrong. I learned things about myself that I never knew. I felt so safe to be vulnerable and open to learning on why I was so mad, sad, and ready to stop living my life that way. Every woman in that house made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that I was going to be more than OK, I was going to be happy for the first time since I was a little girl. I found my tribe for life!! So grateful to have had this experience and cannot recommend it enough. Rachelle, Nicole, Teresa, & Sonya literally changed my life. Each in their own way. And I appreciate them so much! You need them in your life!!”
– M.A.
“I feel so empowered and liberated now, before this retreat I never knew the exact meaning of those words and that’s because I never experienced it or allowed myself to feel that way! This retreat is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I’m so grateful for everyone I met on this retreat. The BEST money I spent on myself EVER! THANK YOU LADIES”
– LP
“This experience was so liberating! I have never felt more love in my heart. I am seriously looking at every person I encounter with so much love and understanding, and interacting with them through love and understanding. Every interaction is feeling so fulfilling once it is complete. Before this retreat, saying “I love you” or showing others how much I love them was not the most comfortable thing for me. “They should just know because I’m present“ was my motto. Now, the words and actions seem to just flow. I truly can say that I am now leading my life with my heart and not my head. Many would say, “My heart is free”, but truthfully, “my head is free because it is now BEING lead by my heart.”
– Mikki G

The Whole Package – $3,999

Early Bird Price: $3,333

~ Only $555 Deposit to Save Your Spot

~ Low Monthly Payments Available

~ Must Be Paid In Full 6 Weeks Prior to Departure, 7/24/2024


Rachelle Barry, Transformational Leader and Certified Life Coach


Nicole Rideau, Spiritual Coach & Medium


Rachelle Barry is a Certified Life, Liberation & Pleasure Coach. She has spent the last nine years and over 1,500 hours studying men, women, transformative personal development and healing. She has also studied under a Traditional Balinese Healer since first meeting him in 2012. She is passionate about assisting people in accessing their FULL potential and greatest fulfillment. She founded Holy Healing Bali along with Nicole Rideau in 2016 after retiring from her successful, yet unfulfilling, corporate career. Rachelle leads group workshops, organizes and facilitates domestic and international retreats, and provides one-on-one coaching for men and women in person and virtually. Rachelle spends her days playing monster trucks and t-ball with her four year old son, who she’s over the moon about. She contributes so much of her own development to what she has coined a “productively failed” marriage.  That “productively failed” marriage illuminated and made it crystal clear what she wants, deserves and desires in her next partnership. Which she then manifested only eight months later! She is committed that any and all of her own personal challenges, suffering and life lessons are not experienced in vain, and they serve others in her sharing, leading, and coaching.

Nicole Rideau was introduced to the healing power of Bali in 2015. A lunch date with the well-traveled Rachelle opened her eyes to the possibilities she had unseen for 14 years. Like many, the titles of wife and mother had consumed her existence. I’m sure you’ve seen the messy bun mom running the carpool to school, volleyball, and football, her days filled with laundry, and nights spent reading about adventures in healing. Her weekends spent helping others heal through massage, energy healing, and readings. As her children grew older and more independent she realized it was time to chase her dreams. With the help of an amazing tribe of healers, she took a leap of faith, jumping into a partnership that would lead her to Bali, leaving her forever transformed. One week after she returned home, her 11-year-old daughter squeezed her tightly and said “I don’t know what happened in Bali but you are so different. Good different, like a bigger happy.” To which she replied, “That’s the power of Bali and exactly why I want nothing more than to share that with the world.”

Included in Your Journey

– Five Healing & Manifestation Teaching

– Three Guided Meditations

– Healing Sessions

– Traditional Balinese & Luxury Accommodations

– All Transportation

– All Breakfasts & 5 Group Meals

– Trekking Famous Bali Rice Patties & Hot Springs Bathing

– Tirta Empul Sacred Water Temple Ceremony

– Our “Pay it Forward” visit to a Balinese Orphanage

– And Much More!

*not included is airfare, tipping and extra activities


Beach Mediations with a Balinese Shaman
Sacred Purification Water Temple Experience
Our Balinese Guides will Transform Your Life!

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