“A Liberated Love Life”

Local Workshop

This one day workshop is for women who are out to experience Freedom and Fulfillment in Dating & Sex. 


The December 6th event SOLD OUT in 7 Days! So we are so excited to announce the next date for this event! We expect this one to sell out just as fast! Make your deposit to lock your spot down today!

February 7th, 2021 from 9am to 6pm

(with a 60 minute lunch break)

Mesa, Arizona – Address provided upon registration

Woman Only and Limited to 15 people to allow for Socially Distancing


During this workshop you will:

– Work with Nicole (well-know medium and spiritual adviser) and Rachelle (trusted certified coach and transformational leader) to uncover the ways your “Soul” and “Human” are out of alignment & unhealed. Learning how unhealed events from your past are currently interfering in your journey to find, create and experience “A Liberated Love Life!”

– Discover your current story around dating and sex and why it’s producing the results you have.

-Learn who’s actually dating for you. Your Human or Your Soul? And the different effects each has on your dates and your men.

– Illuminate the strategy you inherited from direct relatives and long past ancestors and how it’s helping or hurting you.

– See the ways you hurt yourself before “he” hurt you. How unhealed wounds became a centerpiece for all choices you now make regarding love. 

– You’ll have the opportunity to heal from those events, freeing you up from insatiable needs and endless proving. Giving choice back to your Soul and authentic Self. 

– Understand how the masculine dates vs. how feminine dates and the benefits of flowing between both energies while dating.

– How “getting a man” and “keeping a man” differ and how to do both while honoring yourself first. In other words discovering what apart of your soul has been left unexpressed in the past!

– The ABC’s of SEX. The when to and why your human or your soul choose to become intimate for the long or short term outcomes your desire.

– Heal past sexual traumas and shame to experience liberation, making it safe again to give and receive deep pleasure, at both the human and soul levels.

– End dating cycles that leave you insecure, resigned, frustrated, hopeless, causing you to settle.

– Master online dating as a filter to access quality men you crave!

– Leave with crystal clear direction and aligned actions to finally manifest the lover & partner you deserve!


$495 – or 3 easy payments of $165!

A STEAL for Fulfilling LOVE & Sex!

(Compared to that purse, shoes, daily Starbucks or other purchases that leave us with only instant gratification this will be money well spent. Only by investing in ourselves first can we honestly expect others to invest in us too!)

~ Limited to 15 spots to allow for social distancing

~ $166 Deposit to save your spot, paid in full by 1/17/21

~ All payments are nonrefundable however they are transferable to other workshops and retreats

~ COVID19 Notice: Should we be unable to attend due to the pandemic, we will have 18 months to reschedule. If we are unable to proceed within those 18 months, you will receive a full refund.

SAVE MY SPOT for “A Liberated Love Life”

With this deposit I create a new love story for myself! It’s MY time!

111.00 $

Other Workshop Testimonials

“I can’t remember the last time I did something so real and so important FOR my life.”– Danielle

D. “I had just gotten out of a 9 year relationship as well as becoming a single mother. I came into the retreat thinking I needed healing from that, but boy was I wrong. I learned things about myself that I never knew. I felt so safe to be vulnerable and open to learning on why I was so mad, sad, and ready to stop living my life that way. Every woman in that house made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that I was going to be more than OK, I was going to be happy for the first time since I was a little girl. I found my tribe for life!! So grateful to have had this experience and cannot recommend it enough. Rachelle, Nicole, Teresa, & Sonya literally changed my life. Each in their own way. And I appreciate them so much! You need them in your life!!”– M.A.

 “I feel so empowered and liberated now, before this retreat I never knew the exact meaning of those words and that’s because I never experienced it or allowed myself to feel that way! This retreat is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I’m so grateful for everyone I met on this retreat. The BEST money I spent on myself EVER! THANK YOU LADIES”– LP 

“This experience was so liberating! I have never felt more love in my heart. I am seriously looking at every person I encounter with so much love and understanding, and interacting with them through love and understanding. Every interaction is feeling so fulfilling once it is complete. Before this retreat, saying “I love you” or showing others how much I love them was not the most comfortable thing for me. “They should just know because I’m present“ was my motto. Now, the words and actions seem to just flow. I truly can say that I am now leading my life with my heart and not my head. Many would say, “My heart is free”, but truthfully, “my head is free because it is now BEING lead by my heart.”– Mikki G

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